Girish, apart from being a very talented artist, also has an innate gift to work with young children. Our daughter, who has been with him for close to a year, always feels excited to attend his class, mainly because of the connections he makes with them and encouragement and positive reinforcement they get during class. He is very keen to details and picks up subtle cues from the kids and helps them if they get stuck and does not hesitate to give candid feedback to them when needed, even as we transitioned to online learning. It is a rare quality that I don’t see that often from other instructors and refreshing to see. Girish does not need to do what he does, but only does it because of this passion for art and the joy he gets from sharing his knowledge and seeing kids grow their artistic talent.Manu Sadanandan
Manu Sadanandan
While other interest come and go, my daughter Anouk has remained resolute on art and I am glad to have found Girish Nair, who is structured to teach beginners as well as more experienced students. I applaud Girish’s patience as well as his program. He is extremely skilled artist and instructor with great attention to detail in both his work and his teaching. Arathi Hunashimarad
Arathi Hunashimarad
Girish Nair is an artist extraordinaire whose work speaks volumes of his dedication towards his art and passion. Over the last 2 years, I have seen how my 2 kids and wife have excelled in painting & sketching within a short span of time, under his hyper-creative guidance. Always dynamic, energetic, engaging and exceptional, Girish epitomizes what a great art teacher should be.Sudev Rajah
Sudev Rajah
Art is not just drawing or sketching. It is a creative process, a therapy, sort of a journey that requires lots of patience besides time. That being said, Girish as a teacher exemplifies patience. His knowledge in different art mediums is immense but what particularly caught my attention was his mastery in color pencil drawing. (which is what I learnt from him for approximately a year). His lesson plans, various techniques and step by step explanations made it fairly easy and fun for me to work with color pencils. I now can say I truly enjoy this medium as I have learnt a lot! I am grateful for what Girish has taught me and recommend his classes to anyone from kids to adults.

Geeta Pathak
Geeta Pathak
Girish Uncle is an awesome teacher and the classes are lot of fun! Uncle’s approach to teaching painting is unique, by making us understand the fundamentals and learning the techniques to use the medium color pencil, pastels or others effectively. One important thing that I learned is to be patient, by taking the time to do it the right way and at times step back to self-evaluate to make the art work expressive and exceptional!Medha Pillai
Medha Pillai
It is totally amazing to be in your class, to be inspired by all your brilliant work. Thank you for creating such a great environment for me to learn and also thank you for all your encouragement. I’m a big fan of yours and I feel proud, happy and honored to be called as your student. I hope, someday with all your guidance, I shall make you proud by my own art-work.Ashish Pusparaj
Ashish Pusparaj
As a child, I never thought about art as something that I could do. The idea of drawing as a class or hobby was not something that I experienced until later in my life, in 3rd or 4th grade. But I lacked the patience and basics needed to replicate the pieces I did in class. I soon dropped out of that class and was only reintroduced to an art class when I was in 8th grade, in Girish Uncle’s class. This time, the stakes were different: without a large amount of experience in art, I had to work alongside friends who had been partaking in the skill for quite some time. As we started with pencils, the only thing I could think about was to calm down my nerves. Eventually, the nervousness changed to mild worry, to irritability at a mistake, and finally to a sort of confidence. From then on, I have learned pencil  ketching, pastel pictures, portraits (to an extent), and oil painting, all thanks to Girish Uncle’s guidance.Abhirami Archana Linesh
Abhirami Archana Linesh