Mother Teresa


Aspect Ratio: 1:1

Width: 12 Inch

Height: 12 Inch

Disclaimer: This is a digitally downloadable version of Original Girish Nair Painting. Upon payment you will be able to download the high resolution file without watermark.



Motherhood: A hand that cares. A heart that enwraps with the blanket of love. A pair of eyes that gifts the world the knowledge of compassion. A woman who redefines the meaning of Motherhood. An amazing depiction of Mother Teresa which presents beauty in a different kind of way. Black and white portrayal of the messiah of the poor sketched with fine details that makes every wrinkle on her face visible. The absolutely stunning sketch exudes a glow against the rich dark background – a perfect depiction of the hope that she stands for amidst the grim and dark realities of an uneven world.

Additional information

Aspect Ratio



12 Inch


12 Inch