Jesus: God’s only begotten son

Jesus: God’s only begotten son


Aspect Ratio: 0.8:1

Width: 16 Inch

Height: 20 Inch

Disclaimer: This is a digitally downloadable version of Original Girish Nair Painting. Upon payment you will be able to download the high resolution file without watermark.



Jesus – the human embodiment of divinity, God’s son, the messiah – there may be many names by which he is referred to but what makes Jesus special is that he is a symbolizm of divinity in mankind. Jesus has been depicted through painting milion time over and here the artist tries to capture the sacred divinity in his own way. The painter lends a soft look to his Jesus which makes the audience feel the serene grace. His depiction of Jesus is akin to an ordinary human with the portrayal of divinity through the glow of halo surrounding the face. Here Jesus does not look at the audience but may rather be interpreted as being engaged in act of conversation with his father in heaven. A perfect piece of art for those seeking solace, and beauty of divine grace.

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Aspect Ratio



16 Inch


20 Inch