Krishna in Distress: The lonesome story

Krishna in Distress: The lonesome story


Aspect Ratio: 0.66:1

Width: 24 Inch

Height: 36 Inch

Disclaimer: This is a digitally downloadable version of Original Girish Nair Painting. Upon payment you will be able to download the high resolution file without watermark.



Colors that tell the story of loneliness – Krishna in Distress is a perfect example of it. The artist depicts Lord Krishna as a shepherd waiting for his beloved on a moonlit night. Alone and distressed he is shown sitting on a rock with just two friends the holy cow and the moon. The six peacock feathers depicts six senses and the stick of correction resembles his flute. The lotus radiating the moons light depicts nature’s offering to the lord. Painted in beautiful shades of blue and green, the strakness of the pink lotus adds to the beauty of the painting. The diffused moonlight in the background adds to the pathos of the situation.

Additional information

Aspect Ratio



24 Inch


36 Inch